The Delta Phi Omicron Fraternity and Omicron Phi Delta Sorority believes in the formation of young minds, physique and intellectual well-being of an individual thru an offer of amity, support and thru participating in the intra and extra-school activities.


To provide an honest, unified, dependable and solid group of men and women truly responsive and supportive to the needs, aspirations and development of its individual members.


To achieve the goals and aspiration of the individual members, the fraternity shall:

G-ive, support and participate in the programs and activities of the school where a chapter/community is    operating;

E-xercise prudent judgment on the affairs of the fraternity;

N-urture friendship and alliance with other groups having the same benevolent goals and objectives;

T-each oneself on self-reliance, discipline, patience and trusting others;

L-earn from experience, overcome weaknesses, and improve our strengths;

E-xemplify the virtues of unity, tolerance and hope;

M-aster the ethics of friendship, human relation and co-existence with others;

A-dhere to the human doctrine of preservation of life, family and community;

N-ever tarnish the name of the fraternity on worthless, awful and lawless acts! 

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