Deltans’ Hymn


Let us sing a song for the Delta Phi Omicron;

Bursting forth for our young and joyous heart:

For our lives are so bright, for we study hard;

We choose our frat for our part.


Here we are the members of the Delta Phi Omicron;

That is why, we are so proud.

We always stand and defend for it;

For it make us brave and fit!


Training our body and mind, that, in the frat we found;

Bright future smile at us, for we study hard;

We serve it on our part, Delta Phi Omicron we are;

This is the frat fro us for we are born DELTANS!


Bro. Edgardo Umengan

Tabuk, Kalinga-Apayao


Just for you, I bound to suffer,

Just for you, I will love you with all my heart,

I hope through this song, you will always remember,

That someday we will have sweet memories for you and me my dear!


Just for you, this song I dedicate,

I love you no matter who you are,

I'm willing to sacrifice,

Just to make you happy, I'm willing to die JUST FOR YOU! 

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