The fraternity derived it's strength on three fundamentals of:

Deus- Faith, belief and trust on the Almighty God. The fraternity underlines faith and belief in God, follow the commandments and exemplify the virtues. Total submission to His will and always thankful to all of His grace.

Philia- Love and friendship among men. The fraternity believes, uphold and co-exist with other people irregardless of faith, race and color. Living and sharing together the bounties of the earth, respecting the customs and traditions; receptive and ready to extend help to who ever or when ever it needs.

Omicra- Humility and simplicity strengthens character. The fraternity is emphasizing simple living, honest, productive and fair towards a blissful life. The fraternity believes that humility builds patience, patience strengthens character. A humble person never provokes but kept an inspiring quality of gentleness. 

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